Strategy in the Northern Baltic Sea from the World War I to the Cold War

Wednesday 15th November 2017
Tieteiden Talo (House of Science and Letters), Kirkkokatu 6, 00170 Helsinki.

10.00 Opening of Seminar

Chairman of the Commission Juho Kotakallio

Lasse Laaksonen: Commission’s International Relations: XLIIIrd International Congress of Military History, Douala, Cameroon 2 – 8 Sep 2017

Aleksanteri Suvioja: Strategic Aspects of the German Naval Historiography on the Baltic Theatre of the First World War 1918 – 1945

Kaarel Piirimäe: The Myth of the Independence War, Laidoner’s “Active Defence”, and the Estonian military capabilities in the 1930s

Lunch break 12.00-13.00

13.00 Seminar Continue

Pavel Petrov: Plans for the war of the Soviet Navy on the Baltic Sea in 1935–1941: Projects and Reality

Pekka Visuri: Strategic aspects of operations in the Northern Baltic Sea area 1941 – 1944

Henrik Tala: French aid to Finland during the Winter War

Coffee break

15.00 Seminar Continue

Gunnar Åselius: Finland as a forward defence zone in Swedish strategic thinking, 1917 – 1991

Seppo Vepsäläinen: From “Ostrich Policy” to Involvement in the Second World War: Neutrality, Changing Alliances and International Aid

General discussion: Lecturers’ Reflections and Questions by Audience

No participation fee.

Preliminary registration of audience is desired by 13 November 2017.
Registration and Information: Secretary of the Commission Seppo Vepsäläinen
+358 40 753 1335

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